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'like a drug', the latest single from graeme michael, is out now

leitmotif music is proud to present the hot new track 'like a drug' from the brilliant edm producer graeme michael. soak in this addictive blend of deep basslines and hypnotic rhythms that only graeme michael can deliver. 'like a drug' is now available on all major platforms worldwide - let the music take control!

May 24, 2024

tal voda releases their third single

introducing tal voda's third single, 'the neverending'. this powerful track showcases the band's distinctive blend of rock and prog, merging intricate melodies with evocative lyrics that resonate deeply. available on all major music platforms, "the neverending" invites you to embark on a captivating and boundless journey.

May 3, 2024

tal voda releases their second single

we're excited to announce the release of tal voda's second single, 'satellites'. this track showcases the band's innovative sound, blending intricate melodies with powerful rock elements to create a captivating musical journey. "satellites" is now available on all major music platforms.

April 19, 2024


we, and our artists, proudly partner with the top professional organizations in the canadian music industry.

view our current roster of artists to see who these partnerships are currently benefiting.

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