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new EP from cable street

leitmotif music is thrilled to announce the release of cable street's latest ep, 'the hypnogog.' this highly anticipated album from the canadian indie rock icons features five never-before-released tracks, including the captivating single 'as one.' recorded on location in a stunning log-built mansion nestled in the foothills of the rocky mountains, 'the hypnogog' is cable street's most ambitious ep yet. it showcases their unique sound and commitment to musical expression, and has been receiving critical praise from both old fans and new. make sure to check it out on your preferred music streaming platform, and experience the magic of cable street's hard-hitting indie rock!

February 17, 2023

sin & sonic releases brand new single

leitmotif music releases sin & sonic's latest single, 'way out'. after a 3-year hiatus during the pandemic, the artist returns with the same seductive vocals, booming drums, gritty bass and guitars, and warm analog synths they're known for. the track explores the visceral frustration of feeling trapped, making it a raw and powerful addition to their discography. stream it on spotify or your preferred platform.

January 27, 2023

introducing leitmotif music

leitmotif music is a canadian boutique record label based in victoria bc. we represent artists nationally and around the globe, primarily in the rock, alternative, and electronic genres. lead by music, business, and marketing veterans, leitmotif music focuses on helping talented artists gain traction with their music and live performances.

we also provide contract services for independant artist in performance coaching, image consulting, media training, and producing. visit for more information on the services, roster, and catalogue.

we share a core set of beliefs with all our artists; that live performance is both entertainment and artform, that we are in this business for the fans, and that we will never compromise on talent, artistry, creativity, profesionalism, performance, and the audience experience.​

you will never find a leitmotif artist pressing play on a pre-recorded backing track, or pantomiming while their laptop plays their music for them - we think that is insulting to the fans, and subverts not only the entire purpose of performance, but also what makes a live performance magical.

January 1, 2023


we, and our artists, proudly partner with the top professional organizations in the canadian music industry.

view our current roster of artists to see who these partnerships are currently benefiting.

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