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performance coaching

live performances are critical to any artists success. your performance on stage determines whether your show is a memorable experience that earns you new fans, or is just another night of live music. great performances make the audience feel the same energy you feel on stage, but that is only part of the magic.

we give you the guidance you need to bring your live performances to the next level, as an individual, or as a band. performance coaching is all about helping you to capture the audience's attention, demand their engagement, and connect on an emotional level. we help you to transform your live shows into unforgettable experiences.

image consulting

you often only get one chance as a musician to make a great impression. having a consistent, engaging, and authentic image is vital to your career as an artist or band. audiences and potential fans can form an opinion of you in seconds, and your image will affect the way in which they hear and engage with your music.


we are not costume designers. your image as a musician or band is not simply the clothes you wear on stage. together we will explore how to carefully craft and maintain an image that is authentic to you and your music, deepens the experience of your fans, and creates a unified creative direction for your brand.

media training

you're a musician, an artist, a performer. you're adept at writing and performing music. interacting with media is an oft overlooked, yet key function of being a musician. journalists and reporters train and practice interviewing as a proffesion; successful artists and musicians approach these media interactions with purpose. 


media training involves coaching you on how to say what you want to say, answer interview questions, and capture the hearts of listeners and readers in what is for many a high-pressure situation. nothing can beat practice and experience, but we can help you to be confident, calm, and engaging in your next interview.

in-studio music production

the role of a producer has always been a somewhat nebulous one, but typically music producers assist artists with their recording projects, bringing their vision to fruition and guiding their sound along the way. simply put, its the producer's job to make sure the finished product is as good as it can be.


we focus on helping you shape the sound you are looking for on your recordings by encouraging and identifying the best performances from individual musicians, helping to craft the right feel and energy, and guiding the whole team to put together the very best possible final product.

record label

we provide a range of services to our label artists, helping them to bring their music to the world. in addition to the value we bring to our artists through our industry expertise and partnerships, we provide global distribution, promotion, licensing, and publishing, as well as the collection and distribution of royalties.


we deal with the business side of the music industry so that our artists can focus on what they do best - making amazing music and connecting with their fans. we work with each artist to develop a customized strategy that fits their unique vision, helps them achieve their full potential, and shares their music with the world.


we, and our artists, proudly partner with the top professional organizations in the canadian music industry.

view our current roster of artists to see who these partnerships are currently benefiting.

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